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Chunky Chunk smile

chunky chunk started this conversation
I got your advise and went to the low income dentist. They gave me an appointment to come in, and I did on a Wednesday aftenoon,I was glad, because my self esteem was so low and I was depressed to the point I did not want no one to see me,because I had two missing teeth in the front.When I got to the dentist, I was very scared.The dentist assistant called my name to come sit in the dental chair in the third room in the back, I was oso scared and nervous all at one time. So the dentist came in,and looked at me and said what's wrong, I told him I was very scared, he told me that I had no reason to be scared,I was in tears from the whole ordeal,but the dentist said relax, and open your mouth so I can see what is going on with your teeth. So he looked at the front of my mouth and said, this type of work is done by an ortrodontic,so I asked him who did I needed to see, did he have a referral on a ortrodontic,he said no. The dentist ask me did I have the teeth that came out of my root canal, I said yes I do,he took both teeth looked at them, and said I can fix your front teeth and put them back in the canal. I was so relieved about my teeth being fixed.So he worked on my teeth and he worked to the point I was tired. I was there at the dentist from 12:30pm to 5:30pm.So the dentist said he was finished, so I was exsited to see the work he did,but that was not even close to what I will Indore next, so I went to the restroom to look at my teeth to see what they looked like,from my knowledge they looked ok, I was happy, the dental assistance said wait an hour, before you eat or drink anything. I said ok, paid the copay and left, and went home, I was still kind of scared so I waited later on that night to try to eat something,so had some strimp steamed rice and a cup of cold tea,so I took a bite of rice and was chewing and as I was chewing my mouth felt strange,then all of a sudden I felt something hard in my mouth,so I stoped chewing, got a Napkin spit the food out and looked in the napkin and there was one of my front teeth in the napkin,then I went to rinse out my mouth with water the other one fell in the glass, all I could say is oh my god, and cry, and say I will never go there again.So wend I calmed down I went to see my teeth, I looked at them close I relized that the dentist had cut the titanium steel bars off of the teeth and just took some tooth cement and stuck them up in my gums on my teeth,and both teeth fell out.I was so angry, but more than anything I was hurt to the point that I wanted to kill myself,because they took medicade away from low income people that's disabled, that really need it.That years ago I had a beautiful smile, but when I came disabled and could not work,this happens,when years of low income and no insurance and medicade want pay for dental,this is the ending results.You have so many people don't even care,about the low income and the poor anymore,because if I had it to give,I would give back, because we only on earth a small amount of time,and when we past we can't take nothing with us, So if there is anybody out there want to help,please give me back my beautiful smile and u will forever be in my blessing. I live in the state of Kansas City Mo......
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